HE123 BeagleboneBlack pixel board

The HE123 is a pixel board based on the single board computer BeagleBone Black (BBB). It uses design elements of the RGB123 48 output pixel board that can be controlled with Falcon Player (FPP). The HE123 is the motherboard that the BBB plugs into as well as 3 other daughter boards. The 48 outputs are for 2811 and compatible pixels.

Due out July 2017
HE123  motherboard
-16 fused pixel outputs with 4 outputs per power input
-2 expansion headers of 16 each
-inbuilt real time clock
-connects to HE123RJ, HE123TX, HE123PX

HE123-PX powered pixel expansion daughterboard
-16 outputs. 4 power inputs. 4 fuses per output

HE123-RJ pixel breakout daughterboard
-16 outputs. no electronics. pixel outputs match standard RJ45 pairs
-mates with 4 HE123EX

HE123-TX pixel differential expansion daughterboard
-16 RS422 balanced pair outputs for long range tx
-16 outputs. pixel outputs on standard RJ45 pairs
-mates with 4 HE123RX

HE123-EX 4 channel pixel power breakout (available now)
-RJ45 connector to 4 channels fused pixel outputs
-mates with HE123RJ
-can be used for as a  breakout to power unfused pixel outputs like on rPi-28D or J1Sys P2

HE123-RX 4 channel RS422 to pixel receiver
-RJ45 connector to 4 channels powered, buffered pixel outputs
-mates with HE123-TX

Standalone transmitter
HE123-4T 4 channel pixel to 4 RS422 balanced pair outputs for long range transmission
-connects to any 2811 pixel board to allow long range transmission.
-mates with 1 HE123-RX


The preliminary manual is still in progress but it’s available here