HE123-EX 4 channel RJ45 breakout

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HE123-EX pixel power breakout board

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4 channel pixel power breakout

-RJ45 connector to 4 channels fused pixel outputs -mates with HE123RJ -can be used for as a  breakout to power unfused pixel outputs like on rPi-28D or J1Sys P2

-Heavy duty 30A (maximum) rated power input connector -4 ATO fuses (not supplied). Maximum of 10A per fuse/output connector.

-pixel connection is made from a pixel board to the HE123-EX via RJ45 patch cable.
A standard patch cable is used for connecting between HE123-RJ and HE123-EX.
To connect from other pixel boards then a patch cable with 1 RJ45 connector on 1 end and stripped wires on the other end should be used.


The  HE123 series manual is available here

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