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Null pixel

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Null Pixel Buffer

Universal buffer as an alternative to using a standard pixel as a null pixel to add additional distance between pixel elements.

Can be used with 5V or 12V pixels and all pixel protocols. Only 1 data line is buffered so 2 null pixels are required if being used for 4 wire pixel protocols.

There are multiple connection options and relatively large (1mm2) cable can be used comfortably.

The pads are labelled with Din and Dout on the front of the pcb.

The pads are labelled with I, O and 2 by – and 2 by + on the read of the pcb.

The centre row of the pads is 0V/-.

The + connection should be either 5V DC or 12V DC. Failing to supply a reliable voltage of 5V or higher may produce inconsistent results.

The above 2 images show the front and rear view of a ‘standard’ wiring to a Null.

The wires can be wired flat onto the 3 pairs of pads in the centre of the pcb or they can be wired to the strain relief pads/holes.


25.4mm x 12.7mm (1″ x 0.5″)

When ordered in multiples of 21 it will usually be supplied as a panel of 21 boards which a v-scored and can be snapped apart by hand.



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