The map below is a an incomplete, but probably the best, list of Bendigo’s Christmas Lights. The map can be zoomed in on and dragged around.
The list covers Eaglehawk, Bendigo, Epsom, Huntly, California Gully, Kangaroo Flat and most of the central part of the City of Greater Bendigo.
Known computer controlled lights have yellow “computer” markers. These may be sequenced with Xlights, Light-O-Rama,  Vixen etc and may be controlled by a PC, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoneBlack or other methods. Most (maybe all) of them are sequenced to music and have speakers or a FM transmitter that allow you to listen to the music.
If new displays are around that should be added then use the contact page to send me the info.
I can be contacted with the user name of hanselec at the gmail email service. (A bit cryptic to minimise spam)
The same applies if someone isn’t doing a display at that location any longer. 🙁
If you have any special events, are raising money for a charity, have a Facebook page etc I can edit that in too.
Clicking on the markers will bring up the address, photo/s (if there are any) and any other details and potentially Youtube clips of the lights in action.
The list of lights can be brought up by clicking on the list looking “thingy” at the top left of the map and the list can be collapsed by clicking on the up arrow at the bottom of the list.

For advice on computer controlling your display contact Alan and have a look through the Shop section of this site as there are a variety of lighting controllers. Alan’s display in Eaglehawk is shown on this site.