Baldrick 8 Port Pixel Controller

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Baldrick 8 Port Pixel Controller

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NOTE:- my first shipment of these is due in Australia sometime around the 7th June 2024.

The Baldrick 8 port pixel controller is high performance, low cost and good looking controller designed by iLightThat in the UK.

Baldrick was the faithful servant of fictional tv character Edmund Blackadder from the 4 seasons of Blackadder as well as several specials. The board, settings and the documentation borrow some of the legendary humour from the classic tv show.

The controller has it’s own firmware and doesn’t rely on a Raspberry Pi or Falcon Player (FPP)

The Baldrick Board will output up to 2000 pixels per port (at about 15fps) but the  typical output configuration is up to 750 WS281x pixels @ 40fps

The Baldrick Board has two 30amp power inputs (5-24v DC) and the board will run from either input! The 2 30A rated inputs allows 7.5amp outputs across all 8 outputs

3 inputs with buttons to trigger remote webhooks and/or activate onboard functions (FPP actions etc)

Fuse-good indicator lights for easy problem-finding

Wired 100Mb ethernet for minimal network delay

Direct integration with xlights versions 2024.10 and later. (Vendor- iLightThat, Model- Baldrick)

Conformal coating over front of the pcb to reduce the chance of damage from condensation or precipitation

QR code on the pcb which links directly to the baldrickboard website

You can read more about the controller here:

An unboxing and setup video of the Baldrick Board controller by Greg at PanelsRUs


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Dimensions 12 × 8 × 3 cm