Pixel tester 2811

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Simple WS2811 pixel tester/controller

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Universal 5V-24V power input.

Note: Somewhere along the track the manufacturer/s in China have changed from 2048 to 600 pixels that can be controlled.

DC WS2811 LED smart pixel controller 600 pixels controlled with 68 kinds of patterns
The tester has a power input (red and black) and pixel output with G,D,+ wires.
These are Ground (0V), Data and +ve voltage.
The placement of the wires will indicate which colour should be used. Red is typically always +ve power.
The tester can be used for directly connecting up to about 100 to 150 pixels depending on the colour/pattern chosen.
Once more than about 100 pixels are to be connected then fusing and power injection should be used.

Functions Of Keys:


Switching patterns forwardly


Switching speed


Switching patterns backwardly


Pressing MODE+ and MODE- at the same time and release at the same time into AUTO Mode

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