Power8-power distribution

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Power8 fused power breakout pcb with inbuilt null pixel buffer

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Power8 8 way power distribution board

8 way fused power breakout pcb. 2  inputs to 2 pairs of 4 fused outputs. Features 2 x 30A power inputs. The 2 power inputs can be the same or different voltage up to 24VDC. 8 x 7.5A outputs (max 10A for any individual output) Automotive mini fuseholder for each output

Fuse blown/missing LED (red) for each output

Power good LED (green) for each input

Up to 1000 pixels can be powered at 100% brightness.

Null pixel buffer integrated as part of the 8th power output.

The stylised schematic shown in the image above shows how the 2 power inputs, the 8 power outputs and the null pixel buffer are connected. The input for the null pixel buffer on the 8th power output shares it’s power from the output of fuse 8. This should be taken into account when connecting. A pixel tester or similar could be powered via this but if there is power coming from the pixel data source then the V+ connection shouldn’t get connected.

Board dimensions are 97mm x 49mm

Note:-board supplied fitted with 7.5A fuses

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Dimensions 9.7 × 4.9 × 2 cm

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