BeagleBone Black

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BeagleBone Black for running Falcon Player and running Octoscroller for P10 boards and other lighting gear

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The BeagleBone Black has become harder to get access to in Australia and instead of the typical 1 day delay for back orders it it now typically 2 weeks. Unless you need/want the HDMI video output the BeagleBone Green is the better option.
BeagleBone Black single board computer.
  • USB client for power and communications
  • 2 x 46 pin headers
  • USB host
  • Ethernet and HDMI interface
  • 512MB DDR3 RAM
  • 4GB 8bit eMMC on board flash storage
  • Optional on board 20 pin CTI JTAG, serial header
  • Most BeagleBone capes are cross compatible

The BeagleBone Green is a lower cost alternative.

The only difference between the BBG and BBB is that the BBG has that mini hdmi port removed and has some sensor headers added. Unless you are specifically after video output then the BBG will be suitable for anything that the BBB is used for. eg HE123 and Octoscrolla

The Falcon Player image needed can be downloaded from . It is the FPP-v*.* that you will need rather than the Pi image.

Older versions of FPP can be found/downloaded from the link*.* where the *.* is actually a release number like 4.6.

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