DMX2-24 ready to run

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Ready to run DMX2-24 light dimmer for fairy lights

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A DMX2-24 pre-wired and installed into a grey ABS waterproof box. Connection of a mains lead by a licenced electrician is all that is required to be operational.

Box height 290mm, Width 190mm, Depth 140mm

The box has latches and also padlock/seal hole

DMX2-24 specifications basic specifications (full list on )

24 Channel DC dmx controlled dimmer for 2 wire, 2 channel LED strings

2 x RJ45 DMX connectors wired to ESTA standard configuration
2A maximum per output
Switchable test mode

Switchable mode to allow both channels of the 1 string to function as 1 dmx channel (12 channel mode)

A  USB-DMX dongle (or E1.31 to DMX bridge) and a computer (or Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black running FPP) is what is needed to control attached lights.

This controller is supplied with a 31V 200W power supply.  A 31V 200W power supply will generally run around 30 strings of 2 wire 2 channel lights but this will depend entirely on the light set. Strings of 100 will be different to strings of 1000.

User manual is available here.

For testing I recommend using da_tester from  although Xlights can be nearly as easily used.

For more information on connecting and running Christmas lights visit and for the 1 step guide have a look at or browse

David Duffy of Audio Visual Devices has a page ( that has some information on the 2 wire, 2 channel led strings that this controller is used on. Lytworks lights from Bunnings as well as ones from Big W and other retail stores are mostly going this way.

2 wire, 2 channel led strings can be identified by the fact that there is a multifunction controller either as part of the power supply or inline with the wires from the power supply and from there out to the leds there are only 2 wires.

The controllers that this board is designed to replace have a typical appearance like below.



This style controller comes in numerous different voltages from 5V up to 36V. All 12 strings that get connected to the DMX2-24 should be the same voltage (within a few volts). The voltage of the lights/controller can be seen as in the picture below. Lights in the range from about 27V-36V can generally all be ran from a 31V power supply.




The DMX2-24 is unsuitable for voltages below 12V.

The DMX2-24 is NOT SUITABLE to control the 2 wire Twinkly lights. The Twinkly lights are a brand name and they are a 2 wire pixel. Each led on a Twinkly string of lights can be any colour. The usual control of Twinkly lights is either via an app or a remote control that has a full colour pallette on it.



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Dimensions 35 × 20 × 15 cm

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