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Octoscrolla bare pcb

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Octoscrolla pcb with no components loaded.

The octocrolla is a clone of the original Octoscroller design and is pin compatible (with the exception of the real time clock)

The octoscrolla is a pcb that is designed to plug into a Beaglebone Black (BBB) running Falcon Player (FPP) to allow you to run up to 64 P10 led pixel panels. Each of the 8 16 pin connectors can control up to 8 P10 panels.

The octoscrolla pcb has 2 ground (GND) testpoints (which usually won’t be used) on it as well as space to have a 5mm connector to power the BBB from 1 of the power supplies running the P10 panels rather than using the BBB power connection.


The original Octoscroller was developed by Trammel Hudson and some background information on it can be found at http://www.nycresistor.com/2013/09/12/octoscroller/


When connecting between an octoscrolla and a P10 panel ensure that the notch on the 16 way IDC connector is around the correct way.  Do not connect or disconnect connectors to the octoscrolla while either the BBB or P10 panels are powered.


This is an improved version of the octoscroller. It has space on the board for either a 5mm screw terminal or the 0.1″ push terminal for powering the BBB. The original octoscroller had just the 0.1″ terminal.  Connecting the same 5V power that runs the P10 boards to the 5V connector means that no separate adaptor is required to power the BBB. In addition to that change there is also a minor layout change from the original octoscroller allowing the connector numbers on the pcb overlay to be seen and also a real time clock (RTC) to be added so that the BBB can run scheduled shows without needing to be connected to the internet to get the time.







Loading the pcb

When loading the pcb the 74HC245 or 74AC245 should be loaded first.  An IC socket can be used if desired.

-If fitting a TINYRTC real time clock then fit the 5 pin a single pin header to the bottom of the pcb (opposite side to IDC headers)

-Fit the 8 IDC16 shrouded headers paying attention to orientation as shown on overlay

-Fit the 2 40 way male headers to the bottom of the pcb. 8.5mm header height if no RTC or 19,20 or 21mm header height if fitting RTC

-If fitting a TINYRTC then R2 and R3 on RTC need removing. A sleeve of heatshrink tubing should be slipped over the crystal to prevent shorting to pins of IDC16 headers. Fit the TINYRTC. The battery socket faces away from Octoscrolla pcb and the overlay shows the orientation. Note the 2 circles on the overlay.

-Fit a 5mm 2 way terminal if required. The cable entries face out from the IDC16 connectors.

-Fit CR2032 battery if RTC was fitted

For information on the octoscrolla, octoscroller, P10 panels visit http://auschristmaslighting.com and/or http://www.falconchristmas.com



If using the 5V connector to power the BBB from the Octoscrolla then some/all BBB variants require a fast voltage rise of the 5V for the power circuitry in the BBB to be happy. Some power supplies don’t meet the 500us (?) rise time so a switch to turn on the 5V after the power supply has been turned on is recommended.

74LVC245 is not suitable for 5V operation and shouldn’t be used on octoscroller/octoscrolla


Bill of materials

The following is a Digikey Bill of materials.

The part numbers may not be correct as I don’t source through Digikey and they may not be in stock or the cheapest item. The list is purely to allow parts required to be matched up. No responsibility for incorrect part numbers is taken.

1 x 296-1584-5-ND  (74HC245 20 pin DIP IC )

8 x ED10523-ND  (16 way shrouded header )

1 x A98076-ND  (5mm terminal )

2 x 2380-6121TG-ND  (Unshrouded DIL header (80 way). Needs to be shortened)

Note. if fitting a RTC then 19 or 20mm DIL header is required instead of normal length, 6 pins of SIL header are required as well as a modified TINYRTC module (R2 and R3 must be removed).

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