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Pixel voltmeter

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Pixel voltmeter (Xconnect pinout)

This is an inline voltmeter for testing power supply outputs and cable voltage drops.

It has 3 interconnected test functions.

The first function is an inline voltmeter which can be connected directly into a WS2811 pixel network wired with Xconnect pigtails.

The second function is a pixel node that will indicate if there is a signal present at that point.

The third function is a null pixel buffer that can be switched into and out of the circuit to check to see if there is a data issue from the point being tested to the next pixel

The voltmeter and pixel node are suitable for 5V and 12V networks.

The voltmeter will display the voltage down to about 2.6V which is below the voltage that pixels, including the included 1, and the null will operate correctly. Realistically any voltage below 3.5V is probably too low to be running pixels.


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