USB-DMX Dongle 40cm lead (bulk only)

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USB-DMX Dongle

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A USB dongle used for controlling 1 universe (512 channels) of DMX. The dongle uses the FTDI chipset and is Open DMX compatible.

Non isolated and with ESTA RJ45 pinout.



NOTE: new dongle design has send and receive leds and a male plug with a 40cm lead

Dongle ships without an RJ45 joiner as linked too below.

Open dmx FTDI drivers can be downloaded from if required

Guides on installing the drivers can be found at


 This dongle can be run as an Open DMX device under Light-O-Rama, LightShowPro, Vixen or Xlights lighting softwares.

The dongle can also be used for controlling Light-O-Rama boards instead of the genuine LOR dongles. The LOR-ESTA adaptor below or a crossover cable is required to change from the ESTA pinout to the LOR one. Details of that can be found at

For testing your lights I recommend using da_tester that David Duffy from has on

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