Hanson Electronics,  based in Eaglehawk in Central Victoria, Australia has been building electronics for more than 30 years.

We manufacture a large variety of DC lighting controllers for Christmas displays, as well as a learning tie controller for round hay balers.


If you are in a country that isn’t currently an option when you get to the checkout then just message me via the contact form and I will fix that up. Each country needs to be added and the postage costs configured manually so I add them as required.



The latest catalogue is kinda ready in draft form here. Draft Catalogue

There are a few pictures that need fixing up and the format needs tweaking. Most importantly there will be some price rises going through in the next few days and I need to check that the catalogue matches what is listed on the site. The previous catalogue dates back to 2021 and there is dozens of changes.

There’s new products going up on the site almost weekly.  All products appear on the product scroller that rolls across the bottom of the page. It starts with the latest product and goes along in order of age. If something is new then it will show up there.


  • I really want to ship to Antarctica to complete the full set of continents so if anyone down there needs blinky bits think of me.

  • The latest catalogue featuring all of my Christmas light control boards and associated accessories is now available for download. The draft version is linked ^^^^^^.
  • Feel free to visit and like. https://www.facebook.com/HansonElectronicsAustralia/
  • I am now adding links to 3D “things” that people have created to suit my boards. If you have 1 and would like to share it message me with the details.